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Localisation & Translation Mobile & SEO services


We make it possible in 4 simple steps

  1. Website audit – we check how your website perform in the Internet and versus competiton., trends and standards.
  2. Website optimization – we make your original website more mobile device friendly and search engine friendly to gain more visitors.
  3. Website translation into 10 most common languages on Earth to boost it’s potential reach.
  4. Business support – when you start cooperation with foreign importer and they don’t know English we will translate all the corespondence for you.

Most of our partners pay for this service less than 999$!

For majority it's equal to profit from attracting one customer!

"We had problems with attracting new customers from abroad. Without too much experience and with high competition that we have faced during various trade fairs it was very hard to break through the clutter. Then we started cooperating with 10languages.com and it was something completely new. Now - with targetted and attractive presence in the Internet customers come to us.

Stephanie, BLÅ STATION, Sweden

"Our electronic business was initially working only in two countries. Thanks to 10languages.com we could expand and show our products in Europe and Asia. For us this service was really a gamechanger and full return on investment came three weeks after implementation.

Sebastián, Bravos Eletrônica , Brazil